Pirates, Cake & Harry Potter


Ten totally amazing facts about me

  1. I love cake. Seriously any cake, non of them offend me.

  2. Secret Geek - Vintage Nintendo, Star Wars, Pokemon & Harry Potter

  3. I am a Pinterest ADDICT.

  4. My favourite colour is pink

  5. I should have shares in Costa

  6. I have diploma in performing arts

  7. If I won the lottery I would buy a ship, a large hat, a few barrels of rum and go pirating around the Caribbean

  8. Favourite childhood film - HOOK (I like Pirates)

  9. I have a phobia of daddy long legs

  10. Aside from my two children I have a third child - My Chihuahua ‘Skye’ who we adore!

So why photograph weddings ? Aside from the creative photo taking I just can't get enough of the cake and shoes! 

I'm a female Wedding photographer who loves nothing more than having a camera and a big cup of coffee in hand (not at the same time mind!) Originally from Liverpool I now live in a small town in Cheshire some call me - The posh scouser.

You and your Wedding day

Meeting the one and becoming engaged is amazing, and if your reading this 'CONGRATULATIONS', let the hours of Pinterest board building begin! I'm a full time Wedding photographer. I can honestly say I never get bored and love the buzz that each wedding brings.

My photography Style, Approach & Delivery

My style - I would describe my wedding photography style as a unique mix between real, romantic and sometimes a tad crazy creative. I want to ensure every couple not only goes away completely smitten with their images but they'l be proud of just how unique and personal I have made them. Check out some of my reviews from past clients. All my clients now receive a handful of sneak peek images within 24 hours, a slideshow and full gallery completion within 6-8 weeks.