Launch day! Welcome to my new website

ITS READY!!!!!!!!!

So after toying with the idea of having a separate wedding website from my main site which is  , its finally here and complete. 

So why choose a new/separate website?

Its simple really in anything I do for my business I always think from a clients perspective, and for me when your planning your wedding and choosing a photographer its really important to see their work, their style, know how they work and be able to contact them with no complications.  I wanted a place where potential clients can experience everything to do with 'their' product. On my main website I feel that weddings are quite over shadowed by my other work and I don't want my clients thinking its not an important part of my Job, because it really is!

I LOVE photographing weddings!

I am so happy with how it has turned out, how this website is clean, easy to navigate and it hopefully showcases my work as Wedding Photographer.

Hope you all like it...

H x