The Shankly Hotel Wedding Photography - Mr & Mrs Zenko

Catherine and Craig's Liverpool Wedding

at the The Shankly Hotel


These guys had me hooked immediately with Craig's story of how he asked Cat out with a game of 'Kirby'. Cat and Craig both have infectious smiles and personalities. I felt like I had known them for years and as we chatted over a Costa at the initial meeting I knew their wedding was going to be one of the best I've ever done. I was so excited to be able to create some amazing wedding photos at the Shankly.

Their venue -  Liverpool's newest Iconic Wedding venues 'The Shankly Hotel'. Set in the heart of Liverpool City Centre, dedicated to the legendary football manager Bill Shakily, this elegant hotel showcases a variety of sports memorabilia including a very special 96 candy lit wall which I immediately fell in love with...

Before their wedding day I met the couple at the venue during a wedding show, this was the first time I had seen the venue, as when they booked it, it wasn't even complete! The Liverpool skyline is just phenomenal both from the main wedding room or from the roof terrace also known as the Garden of Eden. There is nothing even comparable within Liverpool or at any wedding venues I have ever been that could produce such a memorable and unique experience, being able to see some of Liverpool's most iconic buildings and history from one place. The Shankly Hotel has a feel of immediate luxury from the moment you walk in. Every element has been well thought out, its elegant yet also masculine which is the ultimate combination for the modern Bride and Groom. 

Their Wedding Co-ordinater Ciara is just the best! I don't think I have a met a more friendly and professional one, I knew from going through the light checks the day before the wedding that she was going be extremely fun and helpful on the day. 

Its the 3rd of December and its snowing! Nah its not really, thats just the grotto snow machine (yes they have snow on tap here). Cat's stunning pronovias gown is hanging on an ornate wardrobe. Her sparkling 'Jimmy choo's' carefully positioned beneath. She is relaxing in her bridal pj's, Copper hair hanging in loose barrel curls. She looks like a classy vintage bride. Cat is so cool her hubby to be has had a personalised 'Mrs Zenko' box made, complete with her favourite sweets, Beaver brooks diamond earrings and of course a rose gold 'iPhone 6s'!

The bridesmaids are in gorgeous festive coloured gowns, there is constant banter as the girls are putting the finishing touches to their looks.  Make up and hair all looked fabulous, the girls were awesome! This whole wedding has delicate festive touches the flowers are immense so different to the usual, bouquets of winter by Norwegian wood. 

The ceremony takes place in the naturally lit 'Baby Eden' room which is decorated simply perfect with twinkling candle lights and white/cream petals. You never realise how nervous a groom is until you start editing, I adore the 'first look' reactions from both Cat and Craig. He's clearly a romantic keeping it a secret about wearing his Navy uniform, when he knew she loved it. Its an emotional ceremony for close family and friends. 

We had a lot of fun with the bride and grooms couple shots. Letting me loose in this venue was letting a kid loose in a candy shop! Every corner has killer decor and detail, theres festive touches and subtle decorations everywhere. There is so much and so many areas in and outdoors. Outdoor shots were complete including some with me laying in the busy city centre road to get them - complete dedication to the day!!! We even got to go in the grotto - thanks Ciara :)

The wedding details are so cute, tables named after santa's reindeers, snowflake name holders, and christmas themed photo props. So much attention to detail touches of sparkles and festive colours. The cake (Upper Tier) was 'wow' again slightly festive fitting in perfectly with the flavour of the day.  Emma Lousha sang during the wedding breakfast and her voice was mesmeraiing. The Speeches were fab, a mix of emotion and laughter throughout. 

Coloured smoke bomb - Yeah that happened! A huge thanks to the best man for helping me, running round in the cold on the roof spreading the a sea of purple craziness! Love the way these images turned out hope everyone likes them too...

As the night guests began to arrive the chocolate fountain was in full flow (Pyramid Sensations) with an array of dipping goodies and an amazing sweet wheel! Ben Francis provided the evening entertainment with his awesome close up magic! This guy left most guests and me speechless he's beyond talented...

The first dance well - Andy Earley turned Cold Play's 'Sky full of stars' into a dance track so these guys could have rave to it! The absolute cherry on the top of a perfect day!

Congratulations again to Catherine and Craig, this was an amazing way to end my 2016 wedding run. Honestly enjoyed every minute! And finally after hours and hours of editing and seeing your perfect smiles I'm seriously considering braces!!

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