Midweek weddings

Wedding Season is finally here! 2015

So wedding season is now in full swing!

And as a dedicated wedding photographer this means giving up my precious weekends to photograph your special days! It also means that Sundays are for PJ's and chilling with my little man 'Jude'! 

People see a wedding photographer at a wedding and think god that's an 'easy job',... think again! Think 10 hour day, constantly on your feet, looking and concentrating on all those moments, camera settings, lighting,  posing people, helping the bride, driving (finding parking grrrrr), the hours of editing to follow! Lastly & most importantly the very nice glass of wine at the end of the day :)

I have had a few midweek wedding bookings this year which are great as not only these tend to work out cheaper for you guys it also means that my weekends are free for other photo session's especially all these yummy outdoor family and children sessions!

** I do offer discounts for midweek weddings so please get in touch if your interested in booking with me!

Yesterdays was a stunning Liverpool wedding, absolutely stunning, adorable couple and my first visit to the Isla Gladstone Conservatory! Photos to follow....x