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Your privacy is important to me and with this in mind, I only collect essential information about you and keep it private! There will be some information collected from my contact form and I, Heather Elizabeth Photography, may need to ask for a few more details so I can plan for your wedding day accordingly. This information is only used by me and will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission. Ultimately, I will store and protect your data so it does not have any negative impact on you as an individual.


What information/data will I collect from you?

Information about you may come from when you fill out my website’s contact form or if you give it to me in your initial enquiry. Also, I may ask you for extra details in order to provide a quote or request a booking fee to secure your wedding date.

The following information may be collected and stored:

    •    Your name and your partners name

    •    Your email address and your partner’s email address

    •    Your mobile number

    •    Your home address (for arranged visits, contracts and postal of photographs)

    •    The address where you’re getting ready on the morning of the wedding.

    •    The address of your wedding venue (s)

    •    Names of people closely involved with your wedding day

    •    Any messages via social media

I do not upload images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included.


What will I do with this information/data?

Your details will be kept in the original enquiry format (e.g. email.) If you book me, relevant information will be added where necessary to invoices, my upcoming wedding spreadsheet and your wedding day plan on my computer.

Heather Elizabeth Photography has a legitimate interest in using images taken in relation to your booking and may use these images in the following ways:

    •    On social media for promotion & advertising purposes

    •    On our website for promotion & advertising purposes

    •    For marketing materials

    •    For publications/printed media


Why do I need your information/data?

I need the information/data listed above to stay in contact with you, know where to be on your wedding day and make sure I know who to take photos of.


Can I access the data you have on me?

You can request to access the data I have on you; this request can be made in writing via email to


Will I end up on mailing lists and get promotional emails?

I do not use any mailing lists to my wedding clients unless they have signed up for portrait shoots. I don’t send out promotional emails to clients past or present for exclusively wedding bookings. 


Will my data be secure?

Although my website is updated regularly and I make sure my website is secure, you don’t need to worry about your personal details being hacked as they are not kept on any of the pages of my website.


Your information is only used by me and will not be passed on to any third parties without your permission.


How long will I keep your information/data?

Your contact details and emails regarding your wedding are deleted two years after your wedding photographs have been delivered, unless we have been in touch since, in which case the details will be deleted a year after the last contact we have.


Your delivered photographs are kept securely, offline, for a year after your initial wedding photograph delivery date.

I am legally obligated to keep a record of receipts and invoices for six years for HMRC.


Can you delete any information/data you have on me sooner?

Yes, the GDPR introduces a right for individuals to have personal data erased, otherwise known as ‘the right to be forgotten’. I will delete any data/information I have on you sooner if you request it from me.



As a large proportion of my photography is ‘documentary’, where I do not directly interact with your guests, it is tricky to obtain verbal consent from them. I have a legitimate interest in taking their photograph but your guests (and you!) have the right to withdraw their consent, without reason, at a later date under GDPR. Please ask them to contact me at and I’ll remove images featuring them from my website.


GDPR Compliance

The Information Commissioner’s Office website explains that the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are currently a working document and therefore subject to change. I will keep abreast of these changes to ensure I am in compliance with GDPR.

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